Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Plastic Fantastic

Today I had to check my sequence and I could get a pass or a fail... and I passed! I was so happy about it! I didn't feel really confident about it. Although there isn't much time to relax because we have to start on our storybook and personal book, what we have to deliver in one month, I did relaxed this evening. Sat on the couch and watched CSI Miami. Enough of the talking, I will show you my pictures! They are a bit different than my other work, but it was a challenge to do something different.

This is the story: The main character is the woman. She feels really confident and sexy about herself. Outside beauty is everything to her. She wants to stay young forever. When people are looking at her, she thinks it is because they think she's gorgeous. In fact, they just think that there is something wrong with her and that she looks like a huge clown.

The picture of the little ponies is to give you the 'heh something's wrong here' feeling. Cute girls with bows in their hair don't play like this with little ponies, they should make braids or something like that.

The feets are even more of that feeling, even a little morbid. Which I think plastical churgery is. To let someone cut in you other then necessary, is for me not a good thing to do. I made this photograph with the little story: you have waited so long for your shoes to arrive and here they are! On the box is a note wich says that there is an extra gift attached. That's nice! What would it be... maybe... a pair of legs?

Blablabla here are the photos!


  1. Gefeliciteerd, knap hoor!
    Vind je foto's erg mooi.

  2. Haha! The last photo is incredible!


  3. Die laatste foto...geweldig!
    Hoe heb je die eigenlijk gemaakt??...Ik ben zo nieuwsgierig..(ik moet t gwoon weten:P)


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