Friday, October 9, 2009

Collars are the best

Lately, I have a thing for collars, especially Peter Pan collars with the little roundings. I love to have a white blouse with a cute collar! I haven't found something like that in the stores yet but if you browse Etsy you pass by the most gorgeous collars. I have never bought anything on Etsy but that might change soon!


  1. Groot gelijk, peter pan kraagjes zijn echt prachtig! Leuk topje ook :)

  2. oh you should really start buying on Etsy! there is such amazing stuff on there x

  3. I totally understand your affinity for peter pan collars - they're adorable and they add so much to a plain blouse!

    And yes, buy on Etsy! It's an amazing resource for vintage and handmade clothes.


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