Monday, December 21, 2009

I've moved!

Please visit me at!

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

I'm moving this weekend

It is almost 2010, time for new things to do, experience more, good intentions and go on. As you know, i am working on my new layout for a while now. It doesn't really went the way i wanted it to be but i'm quit satisfied now. So i'm starting my 'doing new things in the new year' a little early as i am switching this weekend to my new blog! You can find me them on! I really hope you will all follow me there as well.

This is in London, at Portobello Road where I bought some cute vintage dress in which i unfortunatly don't fit...

There will be a little webshop integrated in my new layout where you can shop my outfits! Stuff I haven't wore or don't wear anymore i will sell there. Also my friend Sophie will sell some stuff.

Well... sunday my boyfriend is going to help me with the technical stuff. I am so curious what you all will think about it!

Have a nice weekend xx

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I'm back from London! It is such an amazing city, i had a great time. We left thursday evening from Amsterdam to London Stansted and were there all weekend with the four of us. We did some shopping, sight seeing, drinking and having fun. Our plane back left yesterday evening. At least, that was the plan... because we missed it! There was so much traffic around London that we got stuck in the bus on our way to the airport. We had to sleep on the ground and had a flight back this morning. I couldn't sleep at all so i'm pretty tired. Here are some pictures of our nights.

First time in a London pub. We had a beer and a nice talk.

Lian likes cocktails

We all like cocktails!

Linda is ordering another cocktail-bucket

More pictures next time! I really have to sleep now. xx

Thursday, December 10, 2009

London here I come

Hi everybody, I'm off to London so i won't update this weekend... but afterwards i will make a fabulous report!


Monday, December 7, 2009

Living in wonderland

FlickR is such a great platform for inspiration. I love to browse through all photographs for hours. As i told you already, i found a new place to live. So i'm searching for beautiful interiors. I was so pleased when i stumbled on Jessica's FlickR page. She makes the most gorgeous pictures and has a magical house.

Saturday, December 5, 2009


I'm celebrating Sinterklaas this evening with my family. For the non-dutch, you can read here more about this Holland/Belgium tradition. What are your plans for this saturday evening?

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I like skirts

As the days go by, it is not that sunny anymore in the evening. You can just say that it is really dark at 5 p.m. So I am sorry for the dark pictures but I could not wait to show you my new skirt!

Have a nice evening!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Waiting for the train to come

Yesterday, it was the birthday of my boyfriends father and because there are no trains leaving late at night we decided to stay there. This morning we traveled back and my boyfriend was so nice to make some pictures of my outfit. I finally received my Modcloth package! I had to pay import taxes... a lot! That is such a shame because I love all clothes on Modcloth but I am a little bit scared it will happen again...

Anyway, I am very happy with my new dress and cardigan! The shoes didn't fit unfortunatly, so I am going to sell them. One button of the cardigan fall off so I can practice my sewing skills!

I have some other great news... I found a new room! I am going to live with a friend so that is going to be great! We met only a few months ago, we do the same minor, but I think it will work out just fine! So I am moving during the christmas holiday. I also want to get rid of a lot of clothes so I am propably integrating a webshop in my new layout! Really looking forward to it. In the end, I love to sell new clothes as well.

Friday, November 27, 2009


I wanted to share with you guys this photograph my dad took of me when I was little. You can say that I always was kind of geekisch...

And you can reach me now via my new URL!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Floral fall

The cold has reached Amsterdam. There is only rain and wind here unfortunatly. My bike blew away yesterday and hit over by a car... My bike died but the good thing is that I am still alive! :-) Even though the weather doesn't engourage it, I love to wear my floral dress. I think it looks nice with my new vest.

I have some exciting news! My new layout is almost finished and you can reach me from now on at ! For now it is redirecting to this page but it will link to my new blog soon!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Monday to friday

As I told you in the last post, I had a very exciting week! I wanted to tell you something about my experience this week.

From now on we start to work in crews, beginning with filmweek, in which we had to make a movie in one week so we can get familiar with all the aspects of filming. We all have another function in the crew. Eva is the creative producer, Anneke is the producer, Maurits is the director of photography, Sascha the art-director and I am the director.

On monday we started off to pitch two ideas for the short film. As I am the director, I wrote the scenario for the one we choose. On tuesday we had to make our decoupage. That means, we had to write down every shot of every scene. I did that with the director of photography. Wednesday was a day for the art-directors and producers. They had to make moodboards, arrange places and we needed two actors. We also went to the location where we would shoot the next day to take a look. Thursday was shooting day. We started at 08:30 a.m. and finished shooting at 05:00 p.m. We had to go to AMFI real quickly to capture the movie, what in the end took us 1,5 hour. We edit till 0:00 a.m. and started again today at 08:00 a.m. Today we watched all the movies. I think we all did an amazing job!

You can understand that I am quit tired right now! Here are some pictures of yesterday.

I had to tell the actors (friends of ours) what they needed to do.

Scene 11, Shot 36, Take 4....

Yes.. it was also a lot of fun!

Cameraman Maurits and creative producer Eva

And now ofcourse, our short movie! I hope you like it, it was our first film experience so we had some problems. One of them was light but watch the film and you will see!

I am very curious what you think about it!

Beside all this some other nice things happened! I received an email from Maria. She is the author of one of my favourite blogs: Lulu Letty. She asked me if I wanted to be featured as blogger of the week! Ofcourse I did!

You can read the whole interview here

Have a great weekend!

Someting nice

I am having the most exhausting week I experienced at AMFI. We are in the middle of filmweek, what means that we had to make a film in one week to get fimiliar with all the aspects of filming. We had to write a script, make a callsheet, arrange actors and locations, shoot, edit, promote and tomorrow, we are showing everyones work. I am so tired but also very exciting because it was such a learnful week and we had so much fun. I am now uploading the film at youtube but he is stuck at the moment so I will show you later!

I wanted to share with you this recipe. I love pasta. If I had to choose one meal I had to eat the rest of my life, it would be something with pasta! As I am a student, I don't really like to cook at my two-pits cooker and I like it to be quickly done. I red this one on Sandra's blog but as I don't speak sweedish and the google translator made a lot of weird sentences I changed it probably a little bit.

So what you need is: pasta, saugages, carrot, mushrooms, safron, sour cream and a onion.

Step 1: boil the pasta
Step 2: cut the mushrooms, saugages, carrot and onion in pieces.
Step 3: this depends if you bought safron powder or threads. If you bought threads, like I did, put a couple threads in a cup with a little bit warm water. Take a little spoon and push the threads ageains the glass. Put it away now.

Step 4: Fry the onion and the saugages at the same time. When the saugages are ready, put in the mushrooms and carrot.
Step 5: If you have one minute left, put the sour cream in.
Step 6: Strain off the water of the pasta and put the saus in the pan with the pasta. Now put the safron in with some peper and salt. Mix it.

And it is ready! Tastes delicious with some parmazane cheese.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The day before filmweek

Hope you all had a great weekend! I met with my best friends saturday. We cooked, talked, laughed and played Monopoly! I love playing old games. I am not a computer gamer and I can't handle a playstation but you can always wake me for an old fashion board game.

This wasn't my outfit yesterday, but I wore this today. I need someone to take some nice pictures of me! They are usually so much better than the self-timer pictures.

And I was so pleased to hear that the lovely Ann from La Petite Fille Avec La Vie A La Mode gave me a blogger award! Thank you so much!

I want to give this award to:

Daily Fashion Boost, because she has the most fantastic outfits
Fashion Pix, because she has an amazing collection hanging in her closet and she leaves the sweetest comments
Eva Internazionale, because she has a great blog with lovely pictures

And for the little rest that is over of the weekend... I made this extremly short stop motion movie, based on the scene from Amelie. I love stop motion, guarantee hours of fun!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

One day in my life

One photo an hour, of my lazy friday afternoon. Made all the pictures with my compact cam so the quality is not always that good...


Sat the whole morning in my pajamas but now it is time for my Ugly Dolls to get some sleep


Ready to go


Went to my parents to drop off my laundry


Biked to the cinema to buy tickets for a cabaret movie. I love the way they decorate Amsterdam during the winter months with all the lights.


Back home, wanted to decoratie my room too, so hang up the lights!


Made a lot of bahmi for my boyfriend and myself. We went to the movies after dinner. It was nice.

This was my last day off, I have a busy weekend and monday starts filmweek! I am very exciting about it, hope we come up with something nice.

Have a nice weekend!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I like my money right where I can see it.. hanging in my closet

It has been a while that I talked about my minor. So far so good, I passed my assesment! Next week is filmweek in wich we have to make a short movie. We work in teams of four and I'm in a team with Anneke (art director), Eva (creative producer) and Maurits (director of photography). My function is director but I guess all the positions kind of overlap each other as we make almost everything together. On monday, I have to pitch two synopsises of stories we want to film. Very exciting! I went to Anneke today to make the moodboards but they are not finished yet.

I also want to say that I am working on a new blog! Have to figure out how wordpress exactly works but I already like it so far! Keep you posted.

I should wear this Dahlia playsuit more often...

A page of my personal book!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Who are you thankful for?

Yesterday, I ordered some lovely pieces on When you make an order for the first time, you'll be placed on the mailing list. So this morning I got an email about the Modcloth Thank-a-Thon blog contest for Thanksgiving! As I don't live in the USA or Canada, I don't celebrate Thanksgiving. But I think it is nice to think about everyhing and everyone your thankful for, so I thought, why not join the contest!

There are some special people in my life who I'm really thankful for:

My sister (not in the picture) mom and dad, they have been so supportive when I struggled with college and everything. I'm each year thankful for the fact that they are my parents and sister. Love you!

My gorgeous boyfriend, we made an amazing trip together this summer and he managed to be 24 hours a day with me for three weeks without going totally nuts. He is always there for me and want to help me with the crazy things I come up with.

My five best friends who I haven't see that much this year. We were all so busy, or we were traveling, doing internships in Africa etc. Besides that we always make up to that and meet whenever we have time.

I'm also thankful for my internship mentor (? stagebegeleider) Sanne, of who I don't have a picture right now. I did my internship this year at and I had a great time. I got a lot of responsibilities and learned a lot about working in such a huge company (sanoma publishers). Unfortunatly the recession also made his way into Sanoma and that probably means the end of Shopgids...

I am also thankful for the great opportunity to do my minor at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute and the nice people I am in the class with. I'm learning so much and get a lot of input. When I struggled with my photographs, there was always someone who could give my feedback to move on.

Who are you thankful for this year?

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The night

There are a little less updates these weeks.. I'm sorry for that but I have my assesment on tuesday and I still have to do so much! After tuesday more updates, I promise :-)

Last night I went to the museum night (museumn8) in Amsterdam. One night a year, mostly in november, all museums are open and there are special expositions, things to do, ecetera. You have to pay 17 euros and you are aloud to go everywere. So make sure your bike is OK and you put some warm clothes on because you are cycling all night through the city. I wanted to make some pictures but my compact cam did not always agree with me.

Me in the filmmuseum. They had an special museum night exhibition about the DDR. You could change in a Trabant and they made pictures of you. I didn't do that because the line was too long. Where I stand in the picture is their regular exposition, it is about John Cassavetes.

In the stadsarchief (city archives) was a flickr exposition. Selected persons from the pool Mokum/Amsterdam could show their work. There were also music bloggers who played music.

This is in Trouw, an old press building. It is now a club. There was an urban screen show from students who projected it against the building. Very nice done but it was outside and very cold! So we took a look inside but there wasn't that much going on. Although the building is very artistic and great to have a good party. If you are in Amsterdam you should definitly go here some day. The club is here temporarly.

I also went to Mediamatic, the Dutch Institute for Media art and Artis (the zoo)