Saturday, November 14, 2009

One day in my life

One photo an hour, of my lazy friday afternoon. Made all the pictures with my compact cam so the quality is not always that good...


Sat the whole morning in my pajamas but now it is time for my Ugly Dolls to get some sleep


Ready to go


Went to my parents to drop off my laundry


Biked to the cinema to buy tickets for a cabaret movie. I love the way they decorate Amsterdam during the winter months with all the lights.


Back home, wanted to decoratie my room too, so hang up the lights!


Made a lot of bahmi for my boyfriend and myself. We went to the movies after dinner. It was nice.

This was my last day off, I have a busy weekend and monday starts filmweek! I am very exciting about it, hope we come up with something nice.

Have a nice weekend!


  1. what a lovely day - i'd love to live in amsterdam so I could ride my bike everywhere! x

  2. Nog bedankt voor de felicitaties :). Die beestjes in je bed zijn zooooo leuk. Love em. Wederom leuke foto's!.

  3. you took a picture while riding a bike! you're so talented (:
    your day sounded lovely, and the food you made... looks really yummy too!

  4. Looks like a wonderful day. I so adore your ugly dolls.

    So wish I could bike around Amsterdam!! It looks so lovely.

  5. your so cute. i wish to live there and ride my bike to do laundry and buy cabaret tickets. what a neat place! love your shoes in the previous post too.


  6. i wish i'm living in Amsterdam! i like the idea of decorating the streets with lights during the winter months :)

  7. You ride a De Fietsfabriek! There is a De Fietsfabriek shop in Chicago. I live in Chicago and ride everywhere on my Dutch bicycle (Workcycles). I love your style.


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