Sunday, November 15, 2009

The day before filmweek

Hope you all had a great weekend! I met with my best friends saturday. We cooked, talked, laughed and played Monopoly! I love playing old games. I am not a computer gamer and I can't handle a playstation but you can always wake me for an old fashion board game.

This wasn't my outfit yesterday, but I wore this today. I need someone to take some nice pictures of me! They are usually so much better than the self-timer pictures.

And I was so pleased to hear that the lovely Ann from La Petite Fille Avec La Vie A La Mode gave me a blogger award! Thank you so much!

I want to give this award to:

Daily Fashion Boost, because she has the most fantastic outfits
Fashion Pix, because she has an amazing collection hanging in her closet and she leaves the sweetest comments
Eva Internazionale, because she has a great blog with lovely pictures

And for the little rest that is over of the weekend... I made this extremly short stop motion movie, based on the scene from Amelie. I love stop motion, guarantee hours of fun!


  1. Adore your outfit.

    The stop motion film is very cute!!

    P.S. I sent you an email. ;)

  2. I have to admit, I love Monopoly much too much. I used to play it by myself all the time as a child. By the way, cute skirt! :)

  3. omg! volgens mij heb ik nog nooit zzoooo slecht op een foto gestaan :( BOEE! haha. Maar het was wel gezellig :D snel weer! xx Soof

  4. MONOPOLY!!!! i haven't played that game in a longgggg time!

  5. Oh man, I have such good memories of Monopoly! The outfit is adorable, especially the yellow headband. :)

  6. Tof filmpje!
    Ik speel ook altijd monopoly met vrienden, heerlijk spel ;)

  7. Klonk als een super leuk weekend! Je zag er ook heel leuk uit! & Gefeliciteerd met de award!

    Jááá, ik heb het blauwe suede jurkje gekocht – daarvoor ging ik ook speciaal naar de winkel ipv het online te proberen omdat ik het toch wel heel graag wou passen!! Aanfoto’s kan je op m’n blog zien! Heb jij nog wat gekocht van JC?

  8. Oh, I love Monopoly!! My only complain is I need other players to play with me haha! And usually nobody wants to:(

    Your skirt is so pretty! And I also wish I had someone to take pics for me!! It's tiring taking pics of yourself:)

    You are adorable in the video, I love Amelie, it's one of my fave movies:)

  9. woooow, wat een mooie outfit! en geweldig filmpje. ;p xx

  10. Haha, wat een grappig filmpje en leuke outfit!

  11. Super leuke combinatie die top met het rokje! Ik heb die top ook dus je brengt me op een idee'tje;)
    En je filmpje is ook heel erg leuk, hahaha.

  12. Ah wat een leuk en grappig filmpje.
    Had hem al op je twitter gezien :)
    Mooie outfit ook

  13. That first pic looks like you had a good time with your friends. Nice skirt on the 2nd one!

  14. I think I need to have a board game night with my friends! Seems like the perfect way to spend a winter evening.

    I just found your blog through Lulu Letty - its absolutely stunning, I'm so glad she recommended it!

    Loving the stop motion too, Amelie is my favourite film :)


  15. Love your images, really lovely!
    Beautiful interview with at Lulu Letty.

  16. I love the movie you made and your outfit is so cute! I found your blog from Lulu Letty and am so glad I did :)

  17. hello! love your blog and style; and especially love your little movie! ...although it does remind me I'm a bit hungry....

  18. yayy i've just become ur 50th follower!

    read ur interview over @ Lulu Letty's & am now here for a visit :)

    i used to play monopoly alot with my family in singapore! seeing u n ur frens engage in a game of monopoly makes me feel homesick...

    love that top of urs - u matched it really well with the skirt & that yellow headband (like it!)

    N i'll love to hug that red heartshaped pillow u've got. i'm so so addicted to things heartshaped...

  19. thank u! that video is really cool!


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