Sunday, November 8, 2009

The night

There are a little less updates these weeks.. I'm sorry for that but I have my assesment on tuesday and I still have to do so much! After tuesday more updates, I promise :-)

Last night I went to the museum night (museumn8) in Amsterdam. One night a year, mostly in november, all museums are open and there are special expositions, things to do, ecetera. You have to pay 17 euros and you are aloud to go everywere. So make sure your bike is OK and you put some warm clothes on because you are cycling all night through the city. I wanted to make some pictures but my compact cam did not always agree with me.

Me in the filmmuseum. They had an special museum night exhibition about the DDR. You could change in a Trabant and they made pictures of you. I didn't do that because the line was too long. Where I stand in the picture is their regular exposition, it is about John Cassavetes.

In the stadsarchief (city archives) was a flickr exposition. Selected persons from the pool Mokum/Amsterdam could show their work. There were also music bloggers who played music.

This is in Trouw, an old press building. It is now a club. There was an urban screen show from students who projected it against the building. Very nice done but it was outside and very cold! So we took a look inside but there wasn't that much going on. Although the building is very artistic and great to have a good party. If you are in Amsterdam you should definitly go here some day. The club is here temporarly.

I also went to Mediamatic, the Dutch Institute for Media art and Artis (the zoo)


  1. haha dat lijkt me zo vet om een keer te doen! Alleen zijn hier haast geen musea xD

  2. Leek me ook vet om heen te gaan, maar ik kon helaas niet gisteravond/vannacht. Wat zie je er trouwens leuk uit op de eerste foto! Die Allstars staan je super!

  3. Wow, such a cool city wide event!!! Sounds like an amazing night.

    Adore your outfit and chucks.

  4. looks like an awesome time (:

  5. I love the layering girl. Sounds like a wonderful time!

  6. Ik had daar al iets over gehoord, leuk dat je er heen bent geweest! En zo te zien liep je er wel warmpjes bij!

  7. Leuk outfitje heb je aan! Lijkt me best leuk om daar een keer heen te gaan!


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