Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Who are you thankful for?

Yesterday, I ordered some lovely pieces on Modcloth.com. When you make an order for the first time, you'll be placed on the mailing list. So this morning I got an email about the Modcloth Thank-a-Thon blog contest for Thanksgiving! As I don't live in the USA or Canada, I don't celebrate Thanksgiving. But I think it is nice to think about everyhing and everyone your thankful for, so I thought, why not join the contest!

There are some special people in my life who I'm really thankful for:

My sister (not in the picture) mom and dad, they have been so supportive when I struggled with college and everything. I'm each year thankful for the fact that they are my parents and sister. Love you!

My gorgeous boyfriend, we made an amazing trip together this summer and he managed to be 24 hours a day with me for three weeks without going totally nuts. He is always there for me and want to help me with the crazy things I come up with.

My five best friends who I haven't see that much this year. We were all so busy, or we were traveling, doing internships in Africa etc. Besides that we always make up to that and meet whenever we have time.

I'm also thankful for my internship mentor (? stagebegeleider) Sanne, of who I don't have a picture right now. I did my internship this year at Shopgids.nl and I had a great time. I got a lot of responsibilities and learned a lot about working in such a huge company (sanoma publishers). Unfortunatly the recession also made his way into Sanoma and that probably means the end of Shopgids...

I am also thankful for the great opportunity to do my minor at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute and the nice people I am in the class with. I'm learning so much and get a lot of input. When I struggled with my photographs, there was always someone who could give my feedback to move on.

Who are you thankful for this year?


  1. That's so nice to post about everyone. Great Idea

  2. Leuk idee zo! Mooie foto's ook van je ouders en vriend.

  3. Such a lovely list of wonderful things to be thankful for!!

    I love the photos of your family, boyfriend and friends!!


  4. I love this post!
    I am thankful for my family, the friends I've made at the school I currently attend as well as the friends back home, creativity and awesome images to inspire me, my mentor at my school, and probably about a hundred or so more things. Oh, and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia ranks high up that list too.

  5. What great photos! I love your post.

    I'm thankful for my loving husband, my family, my adorable kitty and my life where I get to do my dream and get paid for it!

    Oh! And Nutella.


  6. I love thankful posts! I'm thankful that my little man is taking a nap right now!


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