Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Interrail 2009: Zagreb & Ljubljana

What a nice comments on my last post! I am really into the surrealism and I enjoy very much making these kind of pictures. So a lot of people asked how I did it... I will not tell you step by step, as a true magician never tell his secrets ;-) and it is just a lot of work! I can tell you that I made two photographes and mixed them together with PhotoShop.

So I thought, I post some more pictures of the interrail trip last summer. As the fall really begun in the Netherlands, I love looking at these pictures... and dreaming about next summer. I had my first driving lesson this morning so who knows, maybe a roadtrip? I hope so!

There were so many nons on the street!

After Lake Balaton we had the worst travel day. It took us forever to get to Zagreb, wich we did not calculate as the distance was not that far at all. Zagreb was nice, but I was not overwhelmed by it. It is very neat and sophisticated wich we did not expect. The hostel we stayed was awful, maybe that was also a reason we went soon to our next destination: Ljubljana!

Ljubljana was beautiful! I really enjoyed the calmness of the city. The beautiful flowers and the nice streets. We walked to the castle in the evening wich was so much fun. It was already very dark and we did not see anything. Unfortunatly, my boyfriend was really tired the first day so we stayed in the hostel half the first day.


  1. love all these photos! specially the first one

  2. heerlijke foto! zeker de eerste schitterend, ook je rok is super gadaan. love it x

  3. Hoe ging je eerste rijles? Ik vond het lessen altijd superleuk!

  4. De laatste foto straalt echt rust uit!

  5. Mooie foto's! ik ben jaloers ik wil ook een fatsoenlijke camera :(

  6. The first picture with the blurred background reminds me of the music video for "Star Guitar" by the Chemical Brothers. It's directed by Michel Gondry- you should check it out!

  7. I'd love to visit Zagreb one day. My really good friend - Sara is from there and she goes back pretty much every summer:)
    Thx for sharing the photos lovely.


  8. Yay, Zagreb and Ljubljana :)
    You might have stayed in a hostel that was chosen as the worst hostel in the world a couple of years ago. What a story to tell!
    & The castle at night is where I always take my friends from other places when they visit.

  9. Echt mooie foto's heb je gemaakt Lies!!
    X Lin

  10. i dislike zagreb as well, but i like the coast. even though, zagreb has some cool underground places. lots of gigs. i dint find it sophisticated at all. i found it hmmm how should i put it "2 much of fashion tv".


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