Thursday, August 27, 2009

Interrail 2009: Budapest

After the rain in Prague we did wanted some sunshine, but not THAT much. It was approxiametly 40 degrees (celcius). The government was giving free water so we didn't totally dehydrate. At the moment there was a huge Formule 1 race around Budapest so there were a lot of people visiting the city. Beside all that, Budapest was great. It is an amazing city and has a lot of beautiful buildings. I really want to go back someday, but in the spring because in the summer it is wayy too hot!

Taking a nap in the train to Budapest

Water, water, water! It seems calm but there were a bunch of tourist enjoying the free water.

Me at heroes square and our hostel (the courtyard)

The largest parlement house in Europe

At the subway, the moving staircases are really long!

Large indoor market where you can buy clothes and food

Budapest at night is gorgeous

Nice view of the city


  1. I found your blog awhile ago but never got to comment but I love it!! You take really nice pictures and have really interesting posts :)

  2. Thank you both! What a nice comment, you make me blush haha

  3. Mooie foto's zeg, en mooi groen rokje. Staat je heel goed!

  4. Firstly: Thanks Ur lovely comment Honey. U have a great blog. I think I can check at another time too. :-) Exchange bloglink?

    Now: These are beautiful photos. Did you enjoy Budapest? Oh, yeah, I live in Budapest... :-)



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