Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Today's look

That's not totally true. This is my outfit since 4 o'clock this afternoon. I received my Dahlia paysuit today! Ofcourse, I had to try it on immediately. I think it fits quite nice but I wouldn't mind a little more space at my bum haha.

I'm having an exhausting week. Studying at Amsterdam Fashion Institute is a lot more intensive than studying Interactive Media. I'm at school from 9 to 6 and in the evening I have a lot of homework. We had to do a photoshoot today (my first one!) and it was pretty hectic. We had to do it in the morning because we got our feedback in the afternoon (that also means no time for photoshop so the pictures had to be very nice!). Thanks a lot to my friend Linda who could come in such short notice. I think we made a nice shoot. It had to be innovative and my feedback was that I did it to literally. Have to learn a lot!

Pictures of the shoot are coming soon. (first photo are the clothes I used for the shoot) First my new playsuit. I wear it with my new, simple black flats.


  1. Ahh leuke playsuit, staat je erg leuk! Ik ben benieuwd naar de foto's van de photoshoot, de kleren zien er iig erg mooi uit!

  2. Leuk gedaan met die achtergrond..
    Ben benieuwd naar de fotos van de fotoshoot..
    X, fashion-nerdic.

  3. Echt een super gave playsuit en hele mooie fotos!!
    En thanks voor je comment!

  4. pretty clothes! i love your flats :) can't wait to to see the photo shoot pics, i bet they look awesome.
    btw, really nice blog :)

  5. Mooie playsuit, leuke foto's ook.

  6. dankjewel!
    ik ben echt jaloers op je kleren aan het rek

  7. oooh! That look is really cute!

  8. haha.. love the pic's and the look :) xx

  9. Great outfit! Love it!


    Blog it! >>

  10. Thanks everyone for the nice comments! I love reading them :-)


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